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Infared Sauna Detox Wrap

(Includes full body dry brush plus slimming booster in one targeted area.)

Commonly used for conditions such as inch loss, weight management, pain management, improved skin and cellulite reduction. Infared radiant energy directly penetrate the body’s tissue up to a depth of 2″. This relaxing heat therapy is a great treatment for those looking to: Detox waste and impurities, burn 600-2500 calories per wrap, dramatically reduce cellulite, completely invigorate the body, improve immune system, increase blood circulation, relieve pain and joint stiffness, reduce stress and fatigue. $99

How to Prepare: hydrate!! The night before and the day of your wrap. Please eat something (light) at least 30 minutes before your session. You must wear undergarments (underwear or bating suit). Your undergarments will get wet, bring a chane of dry undergarments to go home in. 

The Brazilian Smooth-Out

New & improved Brazilian formula for smooth, frizz free hair that lasts up to 3 months! $275

New & Straight From the Garden

Bloomin’ Beauty Facial

Freshly picked just for you and customized to your skin type. This all natural facial formulated with ingredients fresh from the garden is a perfect blend of cleansing, hydrating and anti-aging properties to have your skin looking Bloomin’ Beauty Fresh! $69

The Hand Renewal Peel

Our hands get the most abuse and we should treat them as we do our face. A natural perfecting plant peel that acts better than a 30% glycolic peel without irritation or redness. A quick peel that can be added to any manicure, facial or a stand alone treatment to give your hands a more youthful appearance. $20