Massage & Body


What you put on your SKIN is as important as what you put in your mouth. Every square inch of your skin is like a thousand open mouths, absorbing into the body most of what is put on it.

All Body Services with Organic Aromatherapy Oils/Lotions

Elemental Garden Massage

A customized massage experience based upon the Aveda Elemental Nature Philosophy & your favorite Aveda aroma. Depending upon your needs, a variety of massage techniques will be utilized including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Acupressure & Reflexology.

  • 30 Minute Massage – $55
  • 50 Minute Massage – $85
  • Package of 3 (50 Min Massage) – $199 to be used in 3 months
  • 90 Minute Massage – $125
  • Package of 3 (90 Min Massage) – $299 to be used in 3 months
  • Pre-natal Massage – $95

Aveda Chakra Balancing Massage

An innovative in-salon spa ritual steeped in the tradition of Ayurveda, the ancient healing art of India. Merges massage and guided meditation with our Chakra™ Balancing Blend aromas to open and balance the chakras—energy centers of the body. Features deep tissue massage on the back and spinal muscles, foot reflexology and energy work for the chakras.

75 min $120

Fusion Stone Massage

With Aveda Pure Flower & Plant Essences experience the ultimate in relaxation. This full body massage uses heated basalt stones to warm and soften sore muscles while your spa therapist reaches all of your deeply stressed areas. The art and placement of hot stone therapy brings balance to mind and body.

60 min $100

90 min $139

Aveda Stress Fix Massage

A focused treatment that uses Swedish massage along with some deep tissue techniques to reduce muscular tension and increase circulation in high stress areas of the body- shoulders, neck, face, upper back- along with a specific foot reflexology treatment. Guests will be guided through a mediation to enhance the benefits of stress relief and increased energy with clinically proven stress relieving, Aveda lavender aroma.

75 min $125

Body Treatments

Infrared Sauna Detox Wrap

Commonly used for conditions such as inch loss, weight management, pain management, improved skin and cellulite reduction. Infared radiant energy directly penetrate the body’s tissue up to a depth of 2″. This relaxing heat therapy is a great treatment for those looking to: Detox waste and impurities, burn 600-2500 calories per wrap, dramatically reduce cellulite, completely invigorate the body, improve immune system, increase blood circulation, relieve pain and joint stiffness, reduce stress and fatigue. $99  How to Prepare: hydrate!! The night before and the day of your wrap. Please eat something (light) at least 30 minutes before your session. You must wear undergarments (underwear or bating suit). Your undergarments will get wet, bring a chane of dry undergarments to go home in. 

Seasonal Body Polish

A total body exfoliation customized with your Aveda Pure-Fume™ of choice. Warm aromatic towels, massage & moisture replenishment make this an ideal choice for skin in need of special attention.

30 min $65

Full Body Dry Brushing

Provides a gentle exfoliation while increasing circulation, with stimulating the sweat & oil glands in a gentle detoxification process. Great before a massage!

15 min $20

Cafe Latte Body Wrap

Detoxl with our heavenly, hydrating cafe latte body wrap using all organic ingredients for a truly relaxing and detoxifying experience! It’s like getting 4 treatments all at once! First we start with our house made organic scrub utilizing organic sugar, vanilla oil and coffee grinds. Next, we will wrap you in a warm cocoon of organic coffee and red clay to rid the body of toxins and dry summer skin. Caffeine is known for it’s excellent results for cellulite. It drains excess fluids from fat cells to improve the appearance of cellulite. This delicious wrap is topped off with warm body cream. During your treatment enjoy an invigorating scalp massage.

75 min $125